People have argued for years about whether or not cheerleading should be considered a sport. Each side has its arguments, but cheerleading demands as much hard work and commitment as any other sport.

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A sport is defined as “a physical activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and is often engaged in competitively.” By this definition, cheerleading qualifies as a sport, and in today’s blog, we will discuss more reasons why cheerleading is considered a sport. 


Every sport requires hours of training and practice in order to perfect plays and improve skills. Cheerleading is no different. Both men and women who participate in cheerleading go to practice every day as well as train outside of practice. Their bodies need to be in tip-top condition in order to be on top of their game, which means hours spent running and conditioning to stay in shape.

Previous Experience

Cheerleading demands a knowledge of gymnastics, tumbling, and dance in order to excel in the sport. Cheerleaders perform a number of stunts that could take years to master without the background knowledge of either gymnastics or tumbling. Not to mention many professional cheer teams incorporate dance into most if not all of their routines. In some cases, a background in these areas may not be necessary, but it is certainly helpful if you desire to succeed or take your career to the next level.

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Advanced Stunts

Cheerleading is more than flashy outfits and pumping up the crowd. Cheerleaders also have to perform difficult and dangerous stunts. These stunts require you to have full trust in your teammates and hours of practice to perfect, and even then there is the slight chance that it could go wrong. Stunts require the cheerleader to be strong both physically and mentally.

Imagine trying to stand on one leg while being held in the air by one of your teammates, or being tossed five feet or more into the air and hoping that someone will be there to catch you. These are only a couple examples of what cheerleaders have to learn to do, not to mention that the slightest bend of the knee could mean a disaster.


When you think of cheerleading, you’re probably picturing a Friday night football game, or a basketball game. However, cheerleaders have their own competitions as well. Though cheerleading doesn’t have a governing set of rules like other sports do, rules are laid out by each competition and the independent organization that sponsors the competition.

During a competition, cheer teams will compete head-to-head and perform a routine to earn points. Once each team has performed, they will be ranked, and one team will be declared the winner. These competitions are where cheerleaders bring everything they’ve got to the table and even the smallest mistake could mean a deduction of points.


These are just a few prime examples of why cheerleading is considered a sport. If you are interested in improving your skills or learning what it takes to be a cheerleader, visit Tumblestunt. We offer a variety of cheerleading classes to fit your needs, including stunts, tumbling, and more. Contact us today, or stop by our location in Bakersfield. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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