Many sports have different levels for their athletes to strive for, and cheerleading is no exception. While baseball may have triple A, double A, and so on in the minor leagues, cheerleading has many levels of its own.

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Learn more about the complex world of cheerleading below and gain some insight on the different levels of this amazing sport!

Scholastic Cheerleading

When you think of the word “cheerleader,” you’re probably picturing the girls from your high school cheerleading team. Scholastic cheerleaders are associated with a school. They cheer mainly for sporting events, but some scholastic cheerleading teams will also compete. The tryout process for a scholastic cheerleading squad is usually up to the coach. Junior varsity and varsity levels are also distinctive to scholastic cheerleading.

All-Star Cheerleading

While scholastic cheerleaders are associated with a specific school, all-star cheerleaders are usually associated with a specific gym. Cheerleading gyms usually teach tumbling, stunts, gymnastics, and cheers, but their main focus is on competition. Unlike scholastic cheerleading squads, all-stars don’t cheer for sporting events, instead, they focus on fine-tuning their skills to excel in competitions.

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Recreation Cheerleading

Recreational cheerleading is usually done through the city’s recreation department, a church, or a YMCA. As opposed to all-star and scholastic cheerleading, recreation cheerleading typically doesn’t involve a tryout process. Anyone who wants to join is welcome and the team will cheer for other sports in the league.

Pro Cheerleading

Professional cheerleaders typically cheer for professional sporting events like NFL football games. In some cases, these cheerleaders are seen more as entertainers or dancers than as cheerleaders. However, the skills they learn as professional cheerleaders often translate into other professional entertainment careers.

The tryout process to be a professional cheerleader is the most rigorous out of the other levels of cheerleading. Once they make the squad, pros have the opportunities to travel and appear in calendars and other promotional items.


If you’re in the Bakersfield area and you’re looking to improve your cheerleading skills, visit Tumblestunt! As your Top Rated Local® cheerleading gym, we make it our mission to help you take your abilities to the next level. We offer a variety of different cheerleading classes, including tumbling, jump training, stunts, and more! If you’re interested in learning more about Tumblestunt, contact us today.

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